Being a woman is the most amazing gift I have received from God.

I went to a university few days back to talk about women in FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) under the initiative Fosswave, it was very fascinating to see a good number of girls as well as boys from various technical fields turning up for the event.

I asked them – “How many of you know Grace Hopper or Jessica Mckellar?”, I could see only one hand, out of the crowd of 100. On the contrary I asked – “How many of you know Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs?”, all hands were up without any doubt. It was disappointing to see that young women today are overlooking the people who can be their motivation.

After my session, I realized, male dominance in computer sector persist mostly due to believes in women -“we can’t”, “How can we?”, “We wont succeed”, “Its for men”….and many more. I wish to change these misconceptions through this article.

When we are going out for a party or a date with someone, we try to dress up our best. After getting ready, we sometimes take a second advice from maybe our mom or dad or anyone we TRUST and their reaction becomes the ultimate opinion. Our confidence level drops to nill as soon as we see or hear a negative comment. Well, this is the point -‘We believe others more than we believe ourselves’. We can be anyone, do anything, can change the world  just by what we think. Thinking is the first thing we do when we start with anything, and if starting is bad, we wont enjoy the complete movie.When boys come and ask me – ‘why do we have reservation for girls, cant girls compete us?’, I become short of words. This reservation thing started to help women come out of their shells and prove their capabilities, which now-a-days is tagged as the weakness of women, due to which the work done by the great women are overlooked. It is important to understand, instead of ‘fighting’ for our rights, we have to ‘work’ for our rights. We women are given opportunities,    its the right time to use them to change the world, to prove ourselves and to believe in ourselves – we have to be the change, we want to see.



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