Inkscape: Getting started 1

Inkscape: Getting started 1

Hope you liked my first blog on Inkscape. This series will help you getting started with this cool graphics tool which is based on vectors

I am using Fedora 24 workstation, but you can install Inkscape on any OS. Lets hack on Inkscape 🙂

This is how an Inkscape document looks like:-


Every tool has its own purpose and functions which I will be discussing in the next blog of this series.

Lets talk about one of the most important feature of every graphic software LAYERS. Go to Layer → Layers… or simply press SHIFT+CTRL+L


You will see something like this:-


1. Hide / Unhide

Using this, you can make the content of that layer visible or invisible. When you make the layer invisible, it seems like the layer has never existed.

2. Lock / Unlock

Using this, one can lock or unlock the content of the layer. Locking the content means, we will not be able to move or edit the content of that layer

3. Adding or Deleting layer

Using these options, you can simply add a layer above the currently selected layer or delete the currently selected layer.

When you click on add, you can see something like below:-


You can add the new layer above or below or even as a sub-layer of current layer(grouping layer, referred at last)

4. Navigation button

You can change the order of layers using these buttons. Try creating different layers and use buttons

5. Name of the Layer

It helps you to identify what content is there in the layer. Just double click on the name or Right click -> Rename Layer…

Layers can do wonders if you know how to use them.

Ways to use layers:

  • Always place similar things in one layer, so that you can select them all at once
  • Arrangement of layers is like a sandwidth, on top of the other, so its nice to experiment with that
  • You can group different layers under one name, eg:



  • Playing around with bleding modes and opacity of different layers will create different patterns.


Get your hands dirty with layers. In my next tutorial I will be introducing tools.




Inkscape: Design your imagination

Inkscape: Design your imagination

Design in Linux, was something that took a lot of time to build trust, among designers. But, as it is said, trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

When I started as a designer, I was quite young, like about 8 or 9 years old. I used to make creative animals (that doesn’t look like real animals :p), made various sketches of the people I used to see in my dreams, used to do graffiti, which my mom doesn’t used to like much. When I grew up, one of my friend asked me – what makes you call yourself a designer . I told him, any person who can draw in any form, the things they can imagine – is a designer.

GIMP has made his place in the audience, next comes the vector tool Inkscape. Inkscape is evolving as a powerful graphic tool for vectors, it is very similar to Adobe illustrator or CorelDraw in Window. Here is a quick starting guide on it:-

Inkscape can be downloaded to any OS, from here. Lets start with a simple image that I have made as a wallpaper for my machine. A short and handy guide of tools can be seen here.

1. When inkscape gets started, you will have a screen like this.
Today we will concentrate some of the tools on the awesome tool panel present on the left.


2. Lets size the document to the size of wallpaper size – 1024px x 768px. For that go to File > Document Properties… or press SHIFT + CTRL + D. Enter the values, press ENTER and close the box.screenshot-from-2016-09-07-09-00-00

3. Make a rectangle as big as a document, using rectangle tool. You can adjust size of the figure using tools in Tool controller bar.


4. Right click the figure and choose, FILL and STOKE, or press SHIFT + CTRL + F.


Under fill select LINEAR GRADIENT. Click on EDIT GRADIENT.

You could see a line with 2 dots, each representing one color each, click on the dot to change the color of gradient.

You can drag the dots to give various path to gradient.
5. Select the SELECTION tool and set the stoke color to none.

6. Lets make a triangle now.You can PRESS and HOLD DOWN CTRL key, to give your triangle an angle and symmetry.

7. Select the figure and press CTRL+D, to duplicate that(the duplicated figure will overlap the existing one only), or just simply COPY PASTE

8. Select the figure as shown, and go to OBJECT > FLIP-HORIZONTAL or press Hscreenshot-from-2016-09-07-09-57-23screenshot-from-2016-09-07-09-57-42
9. I will be using the following three colors. You can use any.

10. Select all and group them – CTRL + G
11. Make whatever pattern you want.

12. Lets do one more trick, I need to fill those spaces.
13. Make another rectangle as shown below, such that it covers exactly half of rectangle.

14. Select both the figures, and goto OBJECT > CLIP > SET

15. Now I can fill those spaces :p.

16. You can adjust the triangles in many ways, and can add pictures onto then by going to FILE > IMPORT…


17. Last and important thing, how to save it as a png file. There are 2 ways:-

FILE > SAVE AS… > select png from drop down, type in the name and click SAVE



FILE > EXPORT PNG image, select the file location and name, and click on EXPORT



The following is one of the example



You can work creativity on your designs. Let no tool be a barrier to your imagination. Come up with beautiful wallpapers and submit the designs for FEDORA 25 wallpapers. Your design might get lucky enough to be used by thousands of fedora users.

Hope this article helped you get started. It was a very basic one. For any sort of doubt, feel free to comment or contact. I will be posting follow up articles on Inkscape. Let your imagination go wild on mouse :p.

Women and Technology

Women and Technology

Being a woman is the most amazing gift I have received from God.

I went to a university few days back to talk about women in FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) under the initiative Fosswave, it was very fascinating to see a good number of girls as well as boys from various technical fields turning up for the event.

I asked them – “How many of you know Grace Hopper or Jessica Mckellar?”, I could see only one hand, out of the crowd of 100. On the contrary I asked – “How many of you know Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs?”, all hands were up without any doubt. It was disappointing to see that young women today are overlooking the people who can be their motivation.

After my session, I realized, male dominance in computer sector persist mostly due to believes in women -“we can’t”, “How can we?”, “We wont succeed”, “Its for men”….and many more. I wish to change these misconceptions through this article.

When we are going out for a party or a date with someone, we try to dress up our best. After getting ready, we sometimes take a second advice from maybe our mom or dad or anyone we TRUST and their reaction becomes the ultimate opinion. Our confidence level drops to nill as soon as we see or hear a negative comment. Well, this is the point -‘We believe others more than we believe ourselves’. We can be anyone, do anything, can change the world  just by what we think. Thinking is the first thing we do when we start with anything, and if starting is bad, we wont enjoy the complete movie.When boys come and ask me – ‘why do we have reservation for girls, cant girls compete us?’, I become short of words. This reservation thing started to help women come out of their shells and prove their capabilities, which now-a-days is tagged as the weakness of women, due to which the work done by the great women are overlooked. It is important to understand, instead of ‘fighting’ for our rights, we have to ‘work’ for our rights. We women are given opportunities,    its the right time to use them to change the world, to prove ourselves and to believe in ourselves – we have to be the change, we want to see.