Being with Mozilla, is being with technology

I, with 8 other mozpacers went to NIIT University, Neemrana to conduct an event on 2nd October on Webmakers tools. We started on 1st October night from IFFCO chowk, Gurgaon. We went to Neemrana by cars. We were late from our scheduled time due to traffic and reached NIIT campus at around 11pm .The campus was huge and beautiful. As soon as we entered the campus we met the students who were some of the coordinators of the event, they welcomed and greeted us with full respect and enthusiasm.

On reaching there, a small get-together took place where we introduced each other and discussed about the events going to take place the following day. The students there, have formed a Mozilla NIIT club and it was very good to see their interest towards Mozilla.

After discussion we went to the rooms allotted to us.Bhuvnesh, Ajay, Anup, Pushpita and me were given two rooms in special staff quarters in girl’s hostel, while Chirag, Saurabh and Kunal were given rooms in boy’s hostel.

The flow of event was decided somewhat like, first Ajay and Anup would be talking about the Mozilla as a community, their journey from a contributor to a Mozilla rep and the aim of Mozilla. Then, Pushpita would speak about WoMoz (Women in Mozilla), after this Kunal (the security guy) and Harsh, (who joined us the next morning), will share their knowledge on security, then there would be a small break session. The Webmakers and Web-app event were decided to be conducted after break.

I had volunteered for the Webmakers event with Chirag and Saurabh. After the meeting we three sat together for 3 long hours and discussed about the flow of presentation and divided the topics.

The next day was ‘The Day’. We all woke up early and gathered in Anup’s room. Till then Harsh was there and then we all marched towards the university mess for breakfast. I had never stayed in a hostel so all these things were new and exciting for me.

Then we headed towards the Auditorium where the event was planned to happen, the auditorium was very big and nice, with all the facilities like two screens, a control room and a marvelous stage.

The event started on a full note. The arrangements were very nice and welcoming crowd inspired us more.The event went on as it was decided, with small ice breaker games in between to make the knowledge given more interesting and fun. The presentation on Webmakers came out really well. At the end, the event was a success.


After that we mozpacers sat together to discuss the pros and cons of each one of us and how can we improve on that. We also spent some time with NIIT Mozilla club, guided them how to take Mozilla forward in their university, about Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) and registering themselves as an official Mozilla club, congratulated them for the success of the event ‘Mozage’ and appreciated their brilliant efforts.

We bid goodbye to NIITians at around 7pm as we had to reach Delhi and get some rest as the very next day there was MozCoffee 5.0 .On the way we had our dinner in the restaurant ‘Haveli’ on Jaipur-Delhi highway.

To summarize, it was a great experience and a chance to know more about Mozilla and appreciate its aim. I learned a lot of things.


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