“The adventure is not in getting somewhere, it’s the on-the-way experience. It is not the expected: it’s the surprise.”

Mussoorie, known as the Queen of the Hills, famous for its scenic beauty and its fascinating hill resorts. A group 16 Mozpacers, recently visited Mussoorie. The trip was organized by Mozpacers, the Delhi Mozilla Community as a part of their Stumbling V 2.0 project, in which we were supposed to discover the undiscovered open cell and Wi-Fi Network in a team of three, for the Mozilla Stumbler project.

We started our journey on 11th September from Old Delhi Railway Station,Delhi. I reached the station on time (strange for me :p), with my luggage, though I tried to carry as less things as I can, yet it was bit heavy. There I met the team and we headed towards platform 16.

We boarded the train at 9:45pm. Since, it was one of our Community head Ajay’s birthday, we surprised him with a chocolate cake.

On the way to our destination we played truth and dare or I should say dare and dare, after this dangerous yet amazing game we finally decided to sleep.

When I woke up next morning, many were already awake, some were in bed, and some like Kunal were sleeping carelessly, ready to fall anytime :p. At that time, Abhinav joined us from Haridwar. As soon we realized that we woke up early, Pushpita and I took another nap.Around 8 we reached Dehradun, where we met Sonal and Varun waiting for us. From there we took cabs to go to Mussoorie.

We reached our hotel ‘Sun n’ Snow’ which was our home for a day. The view from the hotel was astonishing, the landscape was eye pleasing.After refreshing and clicking lots of pics; and collecting our swags, we started with our stumbling.

We started our excursion with Company Bagh where we enjoyed boating and adventurous rides. It was a nice place to visit.

At Company BaghCapture

Then we headed towards Gun Hill point, trying to enjoy every footstep we take.Finally, after covering 500m up the terrain we reached the highest point of Mussoorie. The view and the clouds took away all our exhaustion. We ran to every corner to capture as much as we could.

At Gun Hill Point

At Gun Hill Point

Then we went back to the hotel. We started with the bonfire party after a small downtime. During celebration we danced, Mozpacer Abhinav recited a lovely self-composed poem on our Community.

Next day we had to leave for Delhi, so with our bags we got into the cabs. We thanked the hotel staff for the wonderful hospitality and they suggested us to visit George Everest Point.Even though it was not in the schedule, we enrooted towards it and were not at all disappointed on our decision. The place was very beautiful. We again had a long photo session: D and then we left for Kempty Falls, the most awaited place.

At mall road- a group selfie Collecting Swags

As soon as we reached, most of the boys went into the pool. After watching, Ajay and Anup in Falls, Pushpita and I wasn’t able to resist and joined them in no time. Although water was very cold, yet we enjoyed a lot.

We then got into the cabs to leave for railway station. On reaching there, we bid goodbye to Varun and Sonal, who came from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh; and Parampreet and Harjas, who came from Chandigarh.

In all, the trip was awesome, I met people who were contributing to the Community with dedication which encouraged me to work for it. Made many friends and yes, stumbled 2589 points.



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